Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Presentation of Mary

The Presentation of Mary is on the 21st of November, and celebrates the presentation of Mary at the temple.

The Bible doesn’t tell us anything about the childhood of Mary, we do however, know that her parents were St. Joachim and St. Anne. (Their feast day is on the 26th of July.)

When Mary was a young child, she was brought to the temple in Jerusalem and presented to God. In the temple, Mary was placed among the other girls who had been presented to God and were dedicated to prayer, Mary was educated by the priests in the temple and spent most of her days reading the Bible and helping the temple priests.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


I am reading a new book by Anthony Horowitz, it is in the Alex Rider series and is about a teenage spy named Alex Rider, Alex is a teenager who finds out that his Dad, Uncle and Godfather were spies, and MI6 forces Alex to work for them.

That was what happened in the first book, this is the seventh book and in this one Alex meets up with his Godfather and ASIS to stop a large criminal organization called Scorpia from killing 8 rich men who are having a meeting to sue for world peace.

Alex has to contend with a large people smuggling ring called a snakehead (hence the name), he also has to pretend to be a refugee and be smuggled into Australia from Bangkok.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


My religion for today was all about Mary, in this chapter it said that Mary was prepared for Jesus and was made into "the new Ark of th covenant."

This chapter also said that as the mother of Jesus, Mary had several privileges, two of these privilees are: Free from orignal sin, Mary was conceived and born without original sin, this meant that Mary was the only person bsides Jesus to be born withouit original sin, this miracle is called the immaculate conception.

Another privilege that Mary was gifted with is the gift of Assumption into heaven, this means that Mary was assumed (hence the name) body and soul into heaven. when we die, our body and soul are seperated until the end of the world, when our bodies and souls and will be reunited.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


In my Religion today I read about the Liturgical year.
The liturgical year is based on the three major feasts of the Church, the feasts are: Christmas, Easter and Pentecost. The year is also divided into 6 segments, which are similar to seasons.

The Liturgical year starts with Advent, which is four weeks before Christmas. Advent is a time of penance but with a dash of excited expectancy thrown in. Advent ends on the 24 of December at midnight Mass, it quickly gives way to Christmas.
Christmas is a time of joy for the Church as it celebrates the birth of Christ.
After Christmas there is a wedge of Ordinary Time before the beginning of Lent. Lent lasts for forty days which represents the forty days Jesus spent in the desert. Lent is also a time a time of penance like Advent but without the same expectancy; we fast and pray as we wait for Easter and the resurrection.
After Lent comes Easter, a joy-filled feast of the Church, which lasts for fifty days and ends on Pentecost.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Today for my religion I learnt about the four marks of the Church, the four marks are that the Curch is one. Which means we are united in the way that our liturgy is essentially the same everywhere you go. The Church is also Holy, it is holy because it was started by Christ who is the source of all grace, it is also holy in it's purpose which is the salvation and sanctification of all it's members. The third mark of the Church is that it is catholic which means that the Church is universal, it is for every human being no matter what their station. The Church is also universal in it's teachings, as it possesses the fullness of God's truth. The fourth and final mark of the Church is that it is apostolic, meaning that the curch originated with the Apostles, as Christ chose the twelve Apostles to be the foundation of his Church. So, in other words, the mark of Apostolicity is made clear by the fact that the authority of the ?church can vbe traced back to the twelve apostles

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Latin vocabulary for this week

1. ago I do, act
2. rego I rule
3. precor I pray
4.debeo I owe or ought
5. servo I save
6. rex king
7. lex law
8. vita life
9. crux cross
10. homo man, human being
11. familia household
12. filius son
13. filia daughter
14. gloria fame, glory
15. nunc now

MOTTO: P.S ~ postscriptum ~ afterward ~ after the letter

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Space Marine army

I am collecting Warhammer 40,00, it is a miniatiures game where yo buy your miniatures, build them and paint them. Then you fight battles, usin tactics and your cunnin brain! I am collecting the Space Marines who are the defenders of the empire of man, because in the 41st millenium the humans have a huge empire which is being attacked by thousands of aliens, intent on destroying mankind forever. The Space Marines are genetically modified warriors in power armour, their sole purpose is (as I have said before) to defend mankind. Just recently I bought some miniatures and I have been painting them for the last few days. These are the pictures.